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engine squeak

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just wondering else has heard a squeaking noise from the motor in 2001 dodge quad w sounds to me like the belt. usually most noticeable when its cold.just wanted to see if anyone has had similar problem before.its not real loud just there anything else i should check
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Might be a pulley squeaking until it gets lubed. One of mine makes a noise when it's cold until it runs for a couple of minutes. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Plus when it breaks, you will know what it is :bigthumb:
I just had the same problem. My belt tensioner was kinda sticky. There was swamp grass and dirt all in the spring so I sprayed it down in silicone spray and then used a breaker bar to wiggle it back and forth to lube up that spring.

After I shut the truck off for the night the tensioner would pull the belt real tight and then freeze up in the cold. In the morning the belt was tight enough it squeaked. I'd try spraying WD-40 or something on the tensioner. Sure wouldn't hurt anything.
thanks for the reply.your right when it breaks ill know what to fix.
Mine only squeeked when it was cold too. It sounded like a pulley. I was about to replace my tensioner and idler pulley but I thought I would try a new belt first. When I threw a new belt on it stopped :bigthumb:
if the pulley is indeed what is bad, a new belt will make it quiet for a short time. however the bad pulley will eat up the new belts fast so get a lifetime warranty one if your going to try it
The pulley wouldn't be bad itself. Its the bearings inside the pulley that go bad. Therefore the only thing that will happen is the pulley will seperate from the bearings or lock up. A new belt will not quiet a bad pulley :baby:
but wont the bad pulley F up the belt and make it squeak all over again ?
it sounds like a bad idler pulley. my dads old dakaota r/t had the same prob. while your in there you might as well throw in a new belt. its worth buying the more expensive one also. it will last longer and it will be less likely to squeek
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