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Dynomax race bullets

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do any of u run them on yur rams?how do u like them?cant stand Flowbastards anymore :cuss:
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I have one sounds great I love it :bigthumb:
cackles and pops when you let off the gas. loud at highway. sound of it has worn me down want to get rid of mine for somethin a little quieter. mine is single 3" in/out. tom
My brother had 2 of them on his Mustang. THey sounded really mean under load and were extremely loud. Almost no sound at idle, but I think that is because of the smooth running engine and the X pipe. They did sound a bit raspy though, and personally I think Flowmasters sound better.

And they only last about 2 years at most before the glass all comes out and they sound weird.
a bullet doesn't have any glass in them to burn out. i have one on my truck its not a dodge but i still like it.
I like them and all, but they are also not a spark arrestor, and thus arent legal at the local OHV's out there (although< i think the cat works as a spark arrestor here).

EIther way, check out a spintech. You'll gain more power than one of those bullet mufflers, It sounds better, and isnt as loud on the highway.
all the bullets really are, are glasspacks minus the glass
so really a tube with little raised sections to catch some air
with that being said i have a friend with an SS camaro that has 3 inch true duals with an x-pipe and those bullet "mufflers" and it sounds MEAN
I got a Flowmaster 10 series. I like it I don't know but it really isn't obnoxious. Loud yes.. Its exactly the same volume as if you cut your muffler off completely. The only thing the flowmaster does is give it the sound.

I tested it without the muffler nad with the flowmaster 10. To my ears. Volume was almost identical.

hmmm they give that crackle and pop sound, i LOVE that sound ill have to pick one up and try it
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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