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Parents got a new DVD player so I hooked up the old one in my's a Sharp DV-S1 pretty much new condition. Well got it hooked up and went to watch a movie "Fox" worked perfectly. They tried another movie "American Pie" and it dimmed then got bright over and over. So I put in another dirtbike DVD and perfect again.

....It works good with all my dirtbike and Top Truck Challenge DVD's but craps the movies out. What could be wrong?
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Sounds like the copy protection on the DVD.
why would it be copyright if their all legit?

my neighbor said its cuz my tv is old?
maybe your dvd has good taste and only plays what it wants to watch :bigthumb:
I had the same problem with some dvds, just gotta learn to deal with it, My dad hooked the same dvd player that did it to his new big screen and it does not dim, my tv is 20 sumthin years old. -Jordan
I had that problem when I hooked a dvd player up to a really old VCR we have so I could use it with a TV I think it's just something to do with that.
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