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drain plug vs gauge sender

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ok, i have a Sunpro temp guage with a 1/2 NPT thread size, and I purchased a POS B&M drain plug kit that has a tiny thread size. B&M part number 80250.
I paid $9 for a nut, plastic washer, plug and small piece of threaded pipe.
Now I have to go see if I can find a temp sensor small enough to fit through the opening on this POS drain plug kit, or I may just go to home depot and make a drain plug kit myself.

Does anyone offer a drain plug that is a little bigger?

this sucks.
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If you have access to a welder or oxy acetalene setup go to Napa and ask them for a bung in the size of the temp sender, drill a hole and weld it fast...
i thought of that, only problem is the truck & pan is at my house and the welder is at the shop :wall:
It will have to wait until tomorrow i guess....I hate waiting on {expletive}.
ended up getting 2 star collars that will fit the threaded pipe fitting on the sender. Will put one on each side of the pan, with a rubber washer on the outside of the pan and some RTV and star collar holding it from the inside. Will probably install on the side to aviod the sending wires getting caught on debris when wheeling.

It will still allow me to drain some of the tranny fluid so it won't make too big of a mess the next time I service it.

Will be replacing the tranny filter, installing temp gauge, and oil & oil filter tomrrow.
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