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door handle help

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ive seen on the internet before that other people have problems with their interior door handles breaking off. one night drivin my friends around one of them got a lil bit to hammered and pulled my passenger side interior handle off(actually broke the handle). anybody know where to get a replacement besides the dealer and the junkyard? none of the junkyards have them and i dont want to get raped by the stealership. thanks for the the way, vehicle is described below....
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nobody else has had this problem?
I've seen only 1 broken one in my life and it was on an old farm truck. the junkyard or dealership is the only place I know to get one, or search the internet...
Mines broken twice, you can get them from a place like LMC but there is no color guarntee(sp?) so you would have to paint it to match, I usually just go to the dealer so I can get the right color!

PS when you take it apart you will see why they are failure prone w/ big drunk guys!
I've never seen them brake off but I've had mine so it stopped working.

we broke one on our 95 in a work truck, had to get it at the dealer
my bud broke one off in his truck just opening the door....he had to go to the stealer to get one
On 2005-12-10 11:42, Cracker wrote:
I've never seen them brake off but I've had mine so it stopped working.


They have them for a good price but its still paint to match, but if thats not a big deal :bigthumb:
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