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Dome lights and radio not working

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We put on some cab lights on last night on a buddy's 2001 Dodge diesel and now the radio and the dome lights are not working. We couldnt get the lights to work from some reason with the 5 amp fuse, so he decided to try and wire them up to the wiper 25amp fuse. well that was to much power and melted the wire and blew a fuse or to. So I had to rewire everything and it worked with the 5 amp (not sure why it wasnt working in the first place). But now the dome lights and the radio are not working. He said he checked all the fuses this morning and all of them were good. Is there soething we are missing? Are there anymore fuses other than the ones int he door and under the hood? He checked all the clear fuses, but what about the big square metal ones? He just bought this truck and this stuff isnt working and I think it might have to do with when he tried to use that 25 amp fuse.

What are we missing here?

Oh, and me and another guy put the exact same lights on his dodge the exact same way and they work perfectly.
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There is a single fuse that has a yellow surround on it that controls that circuit...I believe there is also a HD fuse under the hood that protects the circuit too.

Thanks, we found the problem. It was the IOD fuse.
where are u getting the pwer for the lights from ,,most of us just wire it directly into the headlight and parking light switch,,instead of the fuse box and all that,,but good u got it working though
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