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Does this make sense to anyone??

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Ok so tonight we FINALLY got an a$$load of snow here in Chicago, so right away me and my buddy went out to the distant suburbs where my bro lives to do some truck sledding (basically you tie a sled to the truck and have some reckless fun). Well anyway we went to Meijer to get some stuff, and noticed the mother of all snow mounds in the lot, and the guy plowing said it was fine if we attacked it. So I went in for some ultimate Mall Crawling.

No way in hell I was gonna climb it, it was so soft all I could do was plow into it with my axle. My brother said the bumper barely even hit the snow. I tried a few times to plow it and give it some throttle, and I heard that ominous beeping sound and it said check guages, the volt meter went down to 8 and the dash lights were very dim. I was about to head home, but everything miraculously returned to normal! So we did a little more mall crawling (I got videos)and went home, not a single other problem..

Anyone see anything like this before and have any idea what it mighta been? My only theory is maybe the snow that packed into the fog light shorted it out or something momentarily? Seems unlikely. Since it went back to normal, should I just forget about it?
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possibly got some moisture somewhere that threw the code
mines never done it in snow but around deep water crossings or the undercarriage wash when the truck was stock
My 92 fullsize blazer used to do that a lot in the snow. I never did figure out exactly what caused it. It actually got bad enough that it died once or twice. Only if at night with rear defrost and an electric heater I had for the back seat on. I found out, that turning the heater off was enough to keep it running. Let us know if you ever get it figured out.
i am with ruffram on this. moisture not sure where but if you where plowing in to a snow bank that would be my thought
I drive groomers at a ski area... Everytime you go through a snow gun especially a wet one it causes belts to slip...The lights dim and the RPMs drop. So if you were driving into a snowbank snow must have gotten somewhere the truck didnt like it. Especially light fluffy stuff its gets everywhere.
i want to seen some video if you can get it up here
I don't have anywhere to host the video, but if I did I gladly would.
Thats weird as hell are you sure all your battery contacts are fine... This may kinda sound weird but is it possible your electroide level is low in your battery and when you started getting off camber or w/e it produced less charge casue not enough of the cell was covered?? Is that possible?

... You wanna know what sucked about that night... I had to go pick up a package for work 10 miles away (Arlington Hts. to Franklin Park )since I was the only guy with 4x4. It took me 5 hours to drive 20 miles.... People seriosuly don't know how to drive in the snow.

A semi that was spinning its tires was moving faster than this one dude in a sadan. Yes a semi with no traction was going faster.

Next time you're online send me the video.

Nah dude I didn't even get off camber. Soon asI hit the snow the axle just dug in. I need bigger tires and a front locker I guess. I'm thinking that it prolly just got moisture somewhere it shouldn't have or shooks omething loose. I dunno, haven't had a problem since.

When I go pick my roll bar up from the painter tomarrow I'll stop by Eric's and get the videos and upload them that night.
OK cool. Send me some pictures of the bar..

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