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Okay, down to 2 options:

1) Lower my truck back to stock and use it as a tow vehicle for the toy (jeep wagoneer or scout, still need to find one), since mine is paid off.

2) Find a diesel for the money I can make from selling mine.

I'm estimating that if I sold my truck as-is, with the new exhaust and running of course, I could get maybe $6k out of it. Maybe more, maybe less, this is just an estimate. Now, I know a diesel will be better to tow with. But with the v10 and 5-sp. not being very favorable, I could not expect a whole lot. It's paid for, and the v10 has enough power to haul around a jeep with, I'm pretty sure. And if I sold my lift/rims/tires, I could probably pick a waggy up for around $2,000 or so and only have to come up with $500-1000. What do ya'll think? I'd love to have a 2nd gen. ram as a tow rig. I thought about getting a 1st. gen diesel, but I like the 2nd gens. over the 1st. for a number of reasons. And if anyone has a waggy or a scout for sale in the SE, let me know. :bigthumb:
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I don't have what your looking for sale, but if your truck is paid for, why not just keep it?
And why lower it?
Get a drop hitch for towing.
Your V10 will tow as good as most diesels on the road, but you just won't get the fuel mileage they do. IIRC, the v10 actually had more TQ than the CTD when it first came on the market.

By lowering it, and putting the small tires back on, you get more umph and more stability towing usually.

The hard part is if you try to trade your truck, most places don't like to trade "back" in years.

IMO, I'd keep what you got and find a toy.

Keep it, make it your trail rig and buy a CTD to pull it with :D:
I would love to keep it as the trail rig, and buy a CTD. But I really don't want to finance another truck. We (between me and my fiance) already have 3 vehicles, and my future shop plans would still leave one sitting outside. I don't mind that too much, but I would like to have the parking space available, instead of parking on my grass (pretty ugly now, but it will be green). I found one in TX for $5,900, but then again, I really don't see my getting more than $6k for mine. So then I wouldn't have anything for a trail rig. And the way boggers wear on the road, 1 1/2 hrs. round trip doesn't sound too appealing to me. And someone could use them better than I could.
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