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diesel motor swap

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Just wondering what the difference is between gas tranny and diesel tranny's. I have a 700r4 mated to a 350. I want to drop a 6.6L duramax in, but dont know if I can use my current tranny or if it has to be a certain one?


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if your trucks a 1/2 ton forget it, motors weighs too much, second you are either gonna need the allison automatic or the 6 spped manual, id go with the 6 speed, they will fit cause gm has several that are test mules.
this for the trail rig you got? that would be pretty sweet... but alot of money for a trail rig (unless your getting a killer deal on the engine) also, you upgraded your axles to 1tons anyway didnt you? only thing I would be worried about is the frame, as you and I both know how much that flexs :rotfl: , I would box the frame if you drop in a D-max, and you should be fine.
Yes this would be for my trail rig. I did upgrade to 1 ton axels. I am hoping I could get this motor for a killer deal. Ya it did kinda flex a little on that last hill side didnt it! :eyecrazy: So if I boxed the frame you think I would be ok? Or is this kinda a problem waiting to happen? Well the truck is still ready to go wheeling this winter. So maybe I can roll it this time alpha.
350s eat those trannys, theres no way itll hold up to a dmax
On 2005-11-30 04:23, adrenalinejunky81 wrote:
350s eat those trannys, theres no way itll hold up to a dmax

BUT... he is not draggin down the track, nor is he hauling 10k lbs behind it, its all slow moving trail ridding and stuff like that... i think the tranny would hold up for a while, but i would put some money aside to build up somthing to replace it when it DOES die.
advanced adapters might have something for you? i would ceeck them out.
d-max feeding a 700r4, should getcha outta your driveway, a built turbo 400 would be the best value but a 6 speed would be the bees knees :bigthumb:
My dad never hauled crap with are 6.2 and it ate trannys lol
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