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did anyone see ...

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Did anyone see the overhaulin' where they changed the front of that 05 magnum to a 300? The paint was incredibally badass. the coolest part though was the door handles, or lack thereof. they are little pads that convert the capacitance in your body to an electronic signal that actuates a solenoid to pop open the door. and they can be painted over, so there is no sign of them even being there.
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i missed it... i wanted to see it but i was watching the red wings WIN!...

i met chip foose in detroit, hes such a down to earth guy and sure knows his {expletive} when it comes to cars.
i missed that one, that is a good show though. every car they do is awsome. it's neet to watch him come up with that stuff
that's a badass mofo car! Man, i wish Foose would let loose on one of my cars!
Alpha and I saw that episode, it was definately cool. I didn't like the paint at first but when that guy did the flames it ended up totally sweet!
I saw it too, love that Mike Lavallee paint. I didnt realize that he was that short until last nite on the show though......
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