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Dick Cepek Radial F-C II Tires

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any body ever ran these? hear anything about them? i was looking at nitto terras but they seem really ATish. these look a little more aggresive.
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I've heard really good things about them. Only seen a couple sets in person though.
i think this will be my next tire rim combo



the black $ chrome ones
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they look good and i think that bigbear on here runs em
I have them on my truck (305x75x16) awesome tire :bigthumb: Great for street and they do well on the trail too. You will like them :D:
do they wear ok? i got like 30k out my mtr's with about 10 more left on them, will these hold up too?
They wear fine have about 10k on them and still look new. Get the tires :bigthumb:
i ordered 1 rim to make sure it fits, ill post a pic when i get it. its backordered from summitracing

wow they just pushed the ship date back to 12-20

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