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Ok... For those of us that own the old beasts.. (power wagons)... ya know there ain't shiznit available for awesome winch bumpers right?

Well using the resources around me (a.k.a. neighbor that welds for a living) and the abundance of angle iron that Uhaul provides :): (not entirely sure if they know they are or not) :):... I'm designing a bumper (in auto CAD) right now that'll bolt up to the frame of our beasts. It'll be designed for two tow hooks, two sets of cletes (for tying ropes to if you don't know what I'm refering to look at a boat... they all have cletes), and provisions for any winch and roller fairleed.

Would any of the PW boyz be interested?

I'll post design pics and stuff once I clean them up a little. I'm still on the rough draft in AutoCad.

Later all,


1979 Dodge Powerwagon 150 with:
6" SkyJacker Suspension Lift Springs w/ 3" factory blocks, Custom Axle Vents & Steering Shaft/Knuckle Joint, 35X12.50X15 BFG AT/KO's on 15X8.5 American Racing 767, 360 w/ 2bbl & Crane PowerMax Cam & Valvetrain
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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