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de-badging my truck?

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I am planning on de badging my truck, taking off the door stickers and tail gate stickers and I was wondering the best way to do this? Also I am thinking about taking off my pinstriping and my body side moulding what are the best ways to get this stuff off and does anyone have any pics of this done? I did a search and found nothing.
Thanks everyone

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The ways we have always done it, is either 1: a hairblow dryer, and use heat on it, and it will peal off, with the help off your fingers and rubbing alcohol to get the remaining glue off , or 2 a heat gun, but becarefull not to get to close with the heatgun. Could mess the paint up. Get ready to have some blistered finger tips. :D:
A hair dryer will work fine. That's what I did with mine. Be forewarned though. You peel off your decals or take off the emblems, your paint underneath might be a different shade from a result of fading.
i used a hair dryer to get the stickers off my door, then i used a clay bar and mothers wax, can't even tell i took them off.
I took all the decals off my '00 Dakota, everything besides the V8 emblem. Also took the side molding off my Ram. To get the side molding off, heat up on end with a hair dryer pull it away from the body then keep on peeling the molding off. I didn't have to heat the whole strip of molding to get it off, just the one end to get it away from the body. All I use is a hair dryer, 3M Adhesive Remover to get rid of the left over adhesive, then some wax to shine it up.
Heres my Dakota before:
My Dakota after:
Ram with the side molding on:
Ram with the side molding off:
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yeah, the paint underneath will be a different shade and you will have to use some 3M rubbing compound and a buffer to get it to blend
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