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Dana 60 question

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my buddies gota dana 60 dually front that i might be getting my hands on if he gets this single wheel one now i know you gota swap the hubs and such bu ti was just wondering where to get it and what u need to do it right thanks
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I swapped mine over for about 400.00 from a full kit that I found on Ebay. It was really easy, a little spendy but really worth it.


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nice thanks ill keep and eye out for one had the hub/rotor a$$embly for like $117/each, but I've heard they are on national backorder.

You could also machine down the DRW hubs to be SRW.
you can machine down the DRW ones but I hear that they are extremely weakend by doing that. search for info at pirate 4x4, there is alot of really good info there.
i was on ebay farting around and found the hub a$$embles for like 199 a pair i think and it said they were stronger than stock
well i found everything on pirate right but the thing is i was reading through it and the guy who wrote it bill vista dosnt recomend this swap and dosnt recomend grinding the calipers anyone else have an opinion
you'll have to grind the calipers if you want to fit 15" wheels on a d60, unless you have little backspacing.
ya i know that but from what ive heard it all depends on ur backspacing and ur wheels on pirate vistas got alot of stuff on the grinding of the calipers and it all depends on ur setup
grinding your calipers isn't that bad. it does weaken them a little bit but i have had no problems and i drove my truck across country like that and i personnaly have not heard of anybody having problems so i would just get the hubs from ebay or thats where i got mine good luck :bigthumb:
thanks man i just gota wait for a pay check and then id be good later
I just bought a dually d60 front that was machined down, It looks fine, but Im going to stick with 16" wheels.
check this out just found it on pirate4x4
hey thanks man hope that sale still going on after christmas thanks later
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