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Dana 44 ubolt

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Does anyone have the measurements for a stock front chevy dana 44's ubolts? i need to order some up and i dont have any old ubolts laying around. thanks!
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You don't need to measure them. Just go into 4 Wheel Parts or anyplace like that and tell them you want U-Bolts for a Dana 44. Simple.
i dont think there is an offroad shop around here for atleast a few states... im in CT.. would napa have them?
NAPA would very likely have them. It's not example like you're trying to find an original Cuda Hemi K-member. :):
Of course, you could just order online from any of dozens of places....
heck ya napa have them........i got mine for the rear.tell um look um up in the books u can get just about any size u need......and if they can't tell um there spoken some good stuff and give u some..LOL
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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