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cv joints (driveshafts)

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are the u joints in a cv joint just normal u joints? i know there are more things in that joint but im curious if i can just replace the actual ujoints with a 1310 joint for example.
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oh sweet. so what does the little ball ride in? i thought the u joint was molded different than a normal u joint
The little ball is part of the CV itself.That may or may not be servicable. The Ujoints are standard Drive shaft U joints.
ok reason im asking is i recently sold a 78 bronco to a friend. well he popped his cherry saturday so to speak. he grenaded the u joints in the cv and i noticed the spring cannot be reused(or can it? its jsut bent like a L) yet noone around here sells a rebuild kit. only a$$emblies that start at 160 bucks. i would normally just have him go to a salvage yard for a driveshaft but this is a new shaft so id like to see him keep it.

i dont have any doubt i can rebuild it for him but anyone have any ideas how we may get the parts for this cheaper than 160 smackaroos?
Maybe call around to a few shaft shops and see.
Id give Rom Woods a call. Do you know what kind of CV it has
im ALMOST certain its a spicer with 1310 joints(i think it was 79 when the broncos got the 1330 joints). but i have yet to actually look the joint over real close.ill probably be able to figure something out on my own once i have the shaft out of the vehicle. i was just trying to come up with a guestimate of what its gonna cost him in parts before we start messing with it.

on the bright side this is a fairly cheap way to find out that a 460 has a bit more torque than the small blocks hes used to :rotfl:
i know you can get that little ball seperately from napa. the counter jocks had a hard time finding it. i ended up getting the part number online somewhere. i'll look and see if i can find it
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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