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Cross over steering

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How hard is it to make your own cross over steering setup?Can you do it with modifications to your stock parts?
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unless your a pretty decent machinest i would just buy it your steering isnt something to be messing around with. and no you dont modify your stock parts to make crossover you buy new ones.

you will need either a 2wd steering box or just the sector shaft out of a 2wd
a pitman arm
you need a passenger side flat top knuckle and it needs to be machined for studs and a steering arm
then a crossover steering arm
a draglink
and a couple TRE's
You have to buy parts to make this work. You could save a few bucks making your tierods. But, 74Chev is right, this is your steering! Your better off buying the whole kit at once.
unless you already have all the tools and the other materials needed you'd end up spending just as much,if not more, to do it yourself as you would to buy a kit from a company - except ORU...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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