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Craftsmen air compressors?

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I am trying to decide between two crafstmen air compressors...It is between the

---2 stage pro. 25 gal 6hp 6.8 scfm
and the

--single stage 33 gal 6hp 6.4 scfm

I am curious if you guys have had any experience with these. I am leaning toward the pro series, because I think it will last longer and be a little quieter.

Are the 2 stages that much quieter and are they really that much better. If not then I will go the other way because it is a better deal. Thanks guys...
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I have the pro one. I'd go with the 2 stage. It'll keep up better when you are trying to run high volume tools like sanders or die grinders
I have the 30 gallon one.. just like the 33gallon but the newer ones are 33gal!!!... anyway.. .love it.... wouldnt mind a pro one though.. but this one does the job.... the tools that come with it suck.. but better than none!!! :rotfl:
I dunno what you mean by 2 stage and single stage (I forgot a lot about compressors). But I'm not a big fan of those oil free compressors where the pump is connected right to the motor. I've used a few of them and they all seem to have trouble keeping up with high volume tools and are noisey as hell. I have an ollllllld 33 gallon tank with a 2 cylinder compressor that I got for free about 8 years ago, threw a 3 horsepower motor on that my neighbor got me, and wired it all up with a pressure switch from Grainger. It works great, fills up to 120 PSI real quick and it gives pretty good volume. Probably be better if I didn't have to stretch 75 feet of hose from my basement to my garage. I deffinetely reccomend a compressor with a seperate motor and belt driven pump.
Thanks guys I think you just sealed the deal. I think I will go with the pro. If anybody has any other comments let me know...... Thanks
I have the 33gal one that lays sideways it take some juice and is pretty loud but works good.
dad has got the pro. it will keep up with any air tool we need to use.
That is good to hear. How are they holding up. I have heard that those oil free ones tend to burn up motors more often.
I have the horizontal 33 gal one. The only serious air tools I've ever run off it have been impacts and a needle gun. Haven't had any problems at all, but it is a pretty loud mofo though.
Got the pro series one...This bad boy kicks a**. I can run that sucker in the garage and I cant even hear it in the house. Pumps up fast ant it is going to get its workout this weekend...Thanks guys for the help.
I've got the 30 gal vertical tank one. It's loud as hell and will keep up with 95% of my tools. It shows it's limits when I break out the high speed sander, and REALLY sucks with the sand blaster.

Otherwise, I live just fine with it by keeping it off of any shared walls with living spaces and since I live in AZ, it gets it's own shop fan blowing over it during long jobs in the summer months.
My .02,
I have 2 compressors
garage compressor is a Crafstman Pro 60 gal 7hp

portable is a 25gal (not sure) 1.5hp which I use to run my nail guns

buy the biggest compressor you can afford. you will find a ton of uses for it
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