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cracked up my CTD!

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:bluecry: I started down a steep hill it was so slick from recent snow i ended up sliding into a telephone pole...From what i can see so far im goin to need a new right front quarter panel, front bumper, control arms, springs, hood, and oil pan. As well as one new rim and new tires...Give me some suggestions i dont really know how insurance claims work but thats what im doing. Will i be able to replace with parts i choose from? If so what should i put on it?
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with some insurance companies they come out and do an estimate and cut you a check on the spot, then go out and buy you a nice winch bumper and a cowl hood, and replace the other parts, but I don't know what your insurance company is like. just call them and tell them the truth that you hit some ice and hit a pole, they will understand.

oh and post up some pics too.
that sucks, any pics?
just tell them yo uare gonna fix it, keep all the damaged parts and receipts for the new one and buy a winch bumper and a 7 inch long arm kit.
I have to make an insurance claim after just buying the freakin truck i have no money laying around to fix it with...As far as pics i will see what i can do maybe ill borrow a digital camera and try and post em up...
is this the silver one you JUST GOT hard on things arnt ya ..... sounds to me like this is the first of many mishaps you will be in.
That really sucks to here man, especially since you just bought the truck. I think that you could get some aftermarket stuff such as bumper and hood. Good luck with the repair.
My insurance co. requires me to send my truck for body repairs to a shop they deal with (certified) which is not a roblem, as the shop is local for me, and topnotch.
I wrecked my truck and my insurance let me get a ram air hood instead of the factory one :bigthumb:
That is what i want to attempt...I would like to try getting aftermarket control arms and a ram air hood. Maybe a better oil pan...Im actually not hard on the truck at all it was just really slick out and once i started down the hill there was no stopping...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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