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coolant flow direction?

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just like the subject says, which direction dose the coolant flow? this is for a 93 jeep wrangler with the 4.0L.
which hose takes the coolant from the engine to the radiator, the top or bottom one?

right now, the temp sensor is neer the stock location(upper hose, neer water neck), and I'm wandering if I'm getting a reading for coolant going into the engine rather than coolant coming out?

if it is in fact the upper one that thakes the coolant to the radiator, then I'm at a loss as to why the engine isn't warming up, any ideas?
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Coolant flows from the radiator to the water pump via the lower hose, then from the engine to the radiator via the upper hose.

As for your cooling issue, it could either be that your thermostat is stuck open, or that your new sending unit isn't reading right, or that the heater hose where it's mounted isn't getting the flow of the hot coolant. One other thing that came to mind when you installed the new sender was did you run a ground wire to it?
well, the sending unit is for a mechanical guage, so it doesn't need to be grounded, so that's not the problem. the thermistat is new, I installed it yesterday, and tested in in hot water before I put it in, so it should be working correctly.

after installing the new T-stat, and driving for a wile yesterday, did notice that none of the hoses were verry hot, I was able to hold them with bare hands. the guy I bought it from did tell me that he had a new radiator put in it, and I wandered if maybe it was to big? but then again, I would think that in that case, I'd see a big fluctuation in the temp. like getting up to 190*(where T-stat opens), then dropping again.

I may try moving the new sensor to the upper radiator hose, and see if that makes any difference.
any other thoughts, or things could check or try??
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OK, I though you had an electric temp. guage. You might try moving the sending unit to the upper hose. Try puttung a piece of cardboard in front of the radiator, and see if the temp comes up. It might just be that the new radiator is cooling more than it should.

I'll try the cardboard and see if that helps, if not, then I'll look into moving the sensor.
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