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control arm bushings

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where can I get replacement bushings for my stock control arms? Since I am going to be putting them back on the truck, I might as well replace them while I am at it. its a 2000 if ya'll didnt read my sig...
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i got mine at i probobly paid a bit too much, but i must admit, i like the poly bushings. oh, dont forget to liberally grease (i used antisieze compound) the bushings, or you'll be pulling em apart again soon and greasing em up cause you'll get sick of the squeak.
I never did find any for 00 and newer so I ended up replacing the complete set of arms with aftermarket arms
sorry, i didnt read what year your truck was. i guess suspensionconnection would be a decent place to start.
Go to:
enter PN:

Might want to call and make sure, there was a change in control arm bolt diameter around 99-00.
Search Energy Suspension's website. They have a decent selection of items for Ram trucks.

Body bushings, control arm busihngs, trackbar bushing, sway bar bushings, etc.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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