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Component System? (upgrading)

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I am in the process of writing my xmas list and I want to replace my front door speakers and tweeters. I am currently running the factory speakers with a JVC headunit, mtx 425 amp and 2 jl 10in subs. My system is really lacking in the vocal and highs section and is overpowered by the base. I have been looking into a component set to replace the 6x9s in the doors as well the the tweeters in the pillars. I think there is and adapter to replace the 6x9s but i dont' know what speakers to ask for 5.25 or 6.5s? Also what brand? I am looking hard at mb quarts pse, anybody running these and how to they stack up? Any other suggestions for a compent setwould be great.

Finally, what about the factory amp is that going to interfer with the crossovers or anything?

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You can get adapters to put 6.5s or 5.25s in the doors. I'd get 6.5s though. I dunno if it's the same on a '98, but on my 2000 the factory amps are build into the speakers, so you'd have to find a way to wire the amp to your new crossovers, or just rewire the truck and run it off the head unit (better option) or get a 4 channel amp. As far as brand, how much do you want to spend? I was never a fan of how MB Quart stuff sounds.
If you put components in the doors, it would be best to use an aftermarket amp. If you really want those mids and highs to SCREAM, I would definitely go with a set of focal kevlar components, whith those, you would prolly want about a 600 watt amp maybe more. I swear by the Focal's
I looking to spend $250 or under for them I am also considering some bostons, I have had good expierence with them. Will 6.5s magnet hit anything in the door panel, I heard with 6x9 you have to worry about how deep the speakers sit.
Ive got a set of kicker resolutions that I really like, although I would like to step up to something nicer (focal, dynaudio) you can get 6.5 resolutions off ebay for under 200
You would have to have a pretty deep speaker for it to hit, I've installed prolly 8 sets in dodge trucks and never had a problem. If you have some freak speaker that does hit, it is extremely easy to just space it out some.
Yeah there is plenty of room in that door, and there's a little room to bump the speaker out if need be. I'd probably go with Kicker RS or SS series speakers. I was skeptical at first, but when I first heard kicker componants when we started selling them, they sound awesome. Focal stuff is good to but the speakers he mentioned are like $400+
I have Kicker RS's in my front panels and they BARELY fit! I probably have a hair width of space between the back of the magnet & the window. AND, the door panel bulges out. I had a bit of a hard time getting the panel snugged back down because of it. So, unless you're cutting out your door panels, I'd pay attention to the speaker depth & mounting height.
So 6.5inchers will fit with an adapter plate or should I go with 5.25s to be safe? Where are you guys mounting your crossovers?
My brother bought the Kicker 6.5 components for his doors and the are really nice. Sound great too. I have a set of Alpine type-S 6x9s in my doors and am very satisfied with them.
I had my 5.25s in Qforms kickpanels
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