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Combine Add-a-Leafs?

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If you put two 2" add-leafs on the rear would you expect it to give a total of 4" of lift? The vehicle in question is a 96' Chevy K1500.

Oh yeah, if someone knows where to get an add-a-leaf bigger than 2" for this truck that would help as well. Thanks!
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You'll only get about 2.5 maybe 3in total and a really really rough ride. The AAL only supports the leaf pack for more weight and give it more arch.
:withstupid: you'd probably get the full lift of one AAL then a tiny bit of lift plus the thickness of the second one
you would just get 2 inches plus the thickness of the other leaf.for example,if yu used a 3 inch aal and a 2 inch aal you would get he lift of the 3 inch one plus the thickness of the other leaf.the one that is arched more will give you the other will be there for the thickness.thats how i understand it to be anyway.
when you install a single AAL in the leaf pack and put it back on the truck with weight on it, the leaf pack still flattens out the ALL when the trucks weight is on it, it just doesnt flatten out as much as stock because of the new, higher ached leaf in the pack. if you were to install 2, it would make the spring stiffer and allow it to flatten out less, effectively giving you more lift out of it.. now, i doubt if you put (2) 2" AAL's together that you would get 4".. but i wouldnt doubt it if you got 3"
not quite the same situation, but everyone told me that adding a 2" AAL to my skyjacker 4" lift pack would not gain me anything, and may take lift away. well i installed it anyway and i got my 2" of lift. i agree with bosco on this one....i'd bet you'd get 3" or more.
Its gonna be super stiff! I would make a custom pack if I were you out of other leaf packs. Go to a junkyard and browse some different springs. using your stock top leaf, build a pack of your own out of reused lower leafs off some other vehicles...
I actually have an extra pair of stock rear springs for this truck...hmmm...maybe I'll just take a couple of leaves per side out of that plus 1 add-a-leaf. I'll only get about 3" total but that should be fine. Can you get leaf springs clamps, the ones that keep the leafs from rotating on the center ping, for 5-6 leafs? Or is is ok for 3 of them to not be clamped?
Oh yeah, here's the setup I have right now in the rear: Shackle flip, stock springs, and a 5" block. I'm looking to get rid of the huge block, but I wanted to look at alternative ways to spending $500 for new rear leafs. I also have 2" blocks and 1" zero rates available.

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