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ok i am tring to figure out if coils from a 79 ford bronco will fit on my dodge
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On 2005-12-02 10:04, redjosh wrote:
ok i am tring to figure out if coils from a 79 ford bronco will fit on my dodge

if they are anything like the ones on later broncos, no. they are much smaller diameter and i believe have a taper on one or both ends. im not sure if they were that way back in 79 though. are you looking for lift coils? or stock? if stock, i have some stock coils laying in my garage
i have a 79 bco and and a 98 dodge. the coils "look" smaller. i may be wrong cause i wasnt paying close attention but here they are.



its hard to tell by these pics, and both of those are lift coils but im sure they are the same diameter.
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run a measureing tape through them and find out if you want. remember the rams coils taper down at the top though
The coils on the ford are quite a bit smaller in diameter than the dodge coils. Im currently contemplating switching to ford coils as a way to run highsteer when I get around to an axle swap.
ok well its cause my buddies want to see my truck flex more and he has some 8 inch lift coils just laying around so i am thinkin unless i was to switch the coil buckets it would not work thanks for the help guys

by the way nice bronco and i was wrong his is a 1978 not a 1979
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