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Coils Plus Spacers

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If I get the skyjacker 3 in lift that comes with coils and lower control arms... will I have to add different control arms if later on I decided to put on 3 in coil spacers??????

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Hey guys?
I'm new to this forum and I'm learning new things daily from you.
Here's my situation.
I have a stock 2001 Ram quad cab off-road and am putting new rubber on it. I have ProComp M/T 33x12.50x17's on lay-away until next weekend(I know you guys don't like ProComp but money WAS/IS an issue and they were buy 3 get 1 free), but... (you guys are a terrible influence!) I'm thinking... and measuring... hmmmm....if I added these Daystars you are all talking about... could I run 35x12.50x17's on my stock 17x8 wheels?
The rear looks like it would be ok.. the front looks close until I read the previous post about the Daystars positioning the front tires 1 1/2" to the rear.. if that is the case there is no way I can see 35's clearing without more lift.
Any tips?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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