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Coils Plus Spacers

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If I get the skyjacker 3 in lift that comes with coils and lower control arms... will I have to add different control arms if later on I decided to put on 3 in coil spacers??????

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I keep hearing people talk about coil spacers, do you guys know that for a couple dollars more you can get new coils and not just spacers to stack on the coil? My set of skyjacker 2.5" coils cost about 140 bucks, the 2" spacers are not much cheeper, I think the strange colored(yellow/gray) spacers look bad compared to a black or red coil that would match the skyjacker lift.
The good thing about the coils is that you can have them painted/powdercoated any color you want, the urethane spacers would be more difficult to change.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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