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well I am getting a clunking when I let off the gas. It feels like a u-joint, or something out of ballance any ideas?
checked and u-joints seem to be fine

this is in 2-wheel drive

I am also having a problem with the 4-wheel drive

I have posted this earlier but will repost for more input may or may not be related

1999 dodge ram qc 4x4 5.9 231d is what is said on the t-case.
well I have a problem with something in my 4-wheel drive.

while driving down the road in 4 hi it off and on will kick out of 4h making a loud "clunk" from what seems to be the passenger front.

-have changed t-case fluid- was dirty
-checked diffferential fluid level -was a little low
after changing the following it has taken longer for it to make the "clunk" however it still does it especially when accelerating from a dead stop in 4hi

also it has been taking longer to engage and disengage 4h or 4lo

thanks for all your help

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Maybe something with the CAD? If your u-joints are fine, and the problem is getting worse, especially when going from 4hi to 4lo, I would look at that. Or your t-case, but I'm leaning towards the CAD.
the thing is this does it in 2 wheel drive would that be because the cad is letting it partly engage?
Could be. If you don't have enough vaccum to disengage the CAD, it may be hanging up just enough to cause a clunk. Like the teeth on the collar and axle are hitting just enough to make some noise. I'd say for starters, check your lines and make sure they're still connected (mine weren't just from DD), then if everything there checks out, I think they have some sort of vaccum gauge you can hook up to tell you what it's pulling. Or just put your finger over one of the lines (don't remember which is the vaccum for disengaging), and see if you can feel it. I don't think it takes a whole lot to disengage the CAD, but it does take some.
well there was vacum there last weekend but I will check that tonight. Any other ideas.
The CAD vacuum diaphragm goes can have vacuum to it, but if it leaks it won't work. Your 4wd issue sounds like it is the CAD unlocking and locking is located on the passenger side front...where you state the noise is at...

The clunk sounds like excessive backlash in the rear end or sloppy splines on the driveshaft. You could even have a single pin of the four pins of the cros bad...that is sometimes hard to see than when two are bad.

how much should I drive it?
I live in an apartment and my dads garage is an hour away.

also how do I inspect these things?
I may have worded this wrong earlier it is more of a clunking like continuous equal to revolutions of tires (I guess is the best way to put it) sorry this is hard to describe.
well the 2-wheel drive problem is fixed
loose lug nuts were the cause.
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