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circuit breakers

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Could i use small circuit breakers instead of fuses? Im thinking of making a switch panel with push button circuit breakers that i saw on to get rid of the wiring mess i have under the dash. Is there a way to power multiple switches without have a fuse block for a clean look?

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the breakers are expensive, that is the disadvantage. i don't know of any panel box like a home service for auto. personally, look up blue sea products on google or ebay, they have what you should use. its as close as you'll find, still fuses, but if you're blowing fuses a lot, there is a problem you shouuld fix. blue sea has fused distro centers that have a common ground feed, and a common power feed, then you can just run whatever power outputs to your switches and can have them fused for whatever you like.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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