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christmas presents

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I don't have any clue what my brother can get me for christmas and I hope it can be something for my truck.
Any ideas would be appreciated :roll:

do they sell cb's for 30 or less?
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For $30? Maybe a case of oil and a couple filters? Or maybe even one of those prepaid gas gift cards?
Have a hitch? get this :bigthumb:
Maybe a tow strap or a Mag lite? He could get you tools or a gift card to sears or an auto parts store. He could even get you a visa giftcard- then you aren't limited to one store you can use it in. oh and I think we have found a cb for $30 or less before from someone that had just upgraded. Hope any of that helps ya.
yup I was thinking maybe a towstrap also do you think I should push for the 30k limit and not go with the 20k limit?

I am looking at 4 wheel parts and they have 3x20 30k limit and
2x20 20k limit

think there are otherplaces that sell longer ones maybe?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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