Cherry pop on 95 1500 axle seal replacement

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    Hi everyone. 1st post here.Been on Dodge forums a bunch lately, trying to get as much help as possible here. So I am about to do some work to the front end of my 95 ram 1500 with 5.9. I am planning on replacing both axle seals (front driver is leaking), and also the ujoints while in there, and probably the hubs and shocks also. YEEhaw ! Got everything picked out, however I am aware that a axle seal install tool is damn near necessary to pull this off cleanly. Have been thinking about the one on quad 4x4 that does both sides. Was wondering if anyone knows of any others sell one of these, even better if you have used one. I thought about rigging one together with threaded rod etc...but I like the comfort of knowing that the tool will work easily with out damaging the seals. I just dont want to have to pull everything apart again because they didnt seat or got damaged on the way in. Thanks
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    Ive used a 6 ft long piece of all thread with washers and nuts the size of the axle seal for the passenger side, and never had an issue with it. for the drivers side, it's easy, as once you pull the front carrier out, you can knock the new seal in right there.