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Thats really not true... I have dual K-40 whips (5') on my '79. I have them on either side of my truck bed towards the cab. And have no interference, however with them both hooked up the range and clarity was increased dramatically. I'd say that they are probably 4-4 1/2 feet part.

Just make sure that you tune them using a SWR meter. Tune them individualy (plug one into the CB, tune it, then do the same with the other one. The goal of tuning with the SWR meter is to get the meter to read as close to 1 as possible. Above or below 1 is acceptable, but 1 is the best. Once you tune them seperately hook them up using a T connector and hook the SWR meter up between the T and the CB to check the reading. It should be close to 1 but there's really nothing you can do besides tune each antena seperately.

Hope this helps, if not email me and I'll try and work you thru it.

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