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carrier bearing needs replacing? Please help!

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ok ive been getting some rear end vibration at low rpms for the last few weeks. on closer inspection i have a leak at the input shaft on the carrier housing. i also have some radial play in my drive shaft. does this sound like the bearings to yall. how hard are they to replace myself? what could i expect to pay some one to do the work? any other input would be appreciated.

thank you,

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i would suspect pinion bearings first before carrier bearings due to the leaky pinion seal and drive shaft play.
ok thanks. any idea on the difficulty of repair and / or the cost of repair?
It's not hard if you've setup backlash before. You'll need a good press and a dial indicator at a minimum. You'll need new pinion bearings, races, crush sleeve, pinion seal, rags and brake cleaner.


EDIT: You'll need a new pinion nut also....
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