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can anybody tell me what kind of rims these are??

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i have been tryin to figure out what kind of rims they are and i cant find any that are even close they are on one of my friends truck but i dont see him much anymore heres a link to the pic <!-- BBCode u2 Start -->" TARGET="_blank<!-- BBCode u2 End -->

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yeah im not for sure but they look like they might be centerline wheels...try looking at their line of wheels
Actually they look like Progressive rims. But Progressive no longer is in business.

Those are some really old school wheels! I don't think you'll find new ones. Your best bet would be to find a used set. There maybe some similar styles??? Have you looked at KMC, Ultra Wheels, Enkei, American Racing, Eagle Alloys, etc...

Good Luck! :bigthumb:
The centercap almost looks like the black center Weld wheels cap. I dont know about the style though, maybe old.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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