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can a v8 fit in a v6

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i got a 89 chevy 1500 it a v6 and i want to pro street it cause i all ready have a 4x4 and i was wondering would a v8 fit in it and if sowht would the biggest motor i could put in it.
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you can fit a 572 if you like, if you want it to be a street driver then the easist swap would be to put in a 350/700r4,4L60/4L60E from a 88-95 chevy and swap in the computer for it

its all a bolt in thing and i think you dont even need to change the motor mounts on the frame

i have a oldsmobile 455 in mine :bigthumb:
you can go from a chevy inline 6 to a 800 cubic inch chevy big block, bolt pattern is the same, just change the radiators
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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