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CAD, Posilock and Locked diff

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A newb evolves...
This morning on the ride to work, I was thinking of two things:
1. Coffee
2. If I ran a Posilock with a locker up front

With the posilock disconnected & x-fer case in 4wd, I would have in essence my open diff for on road driving in bad weather. Then when I have the balls to really wheel my daily driver, engage the posilock (with x-fer in 4wd) and have real traction. Correct me if I am wrong or if there are other reasons this would be bad for a DD other than initial cost.
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With a locker and posi lock it will function no different than a lock and the CAD. The only difference is you can leave the posi lock open and with the locker, you will only spin the drivers side tire (y would y u want to?) and no matter if the posi lock is engaged or not, its still gonna spin the front driveshaft all the time giving you some nice vibrations especially the higher you go.
I was thinking it would be easier to turn on pavement in "3wd". I've never driven with a locker, but have read so much about it making turning difficult with the front axle locked.
I have a 01' with a front locker and I can cruise 75MPH with no vibrations from the front locker. I have thought about getting a posi-lok too. When my truck is in 4wd I can do trails because the thing will not turn withouth binding and makeing horrrible noises and trying to keep the wheels straight. So it would be nice to have the posi-lok so that I could just leave the t-case in 4wd and just dis engage the posi-lok which would give my 3wd and easier turning. MOst of the trails so far that I have been on I have been able to just use 2wd and when needed the extra power or 4 wheels turning I put it in 4wd.
Im spooled in the front with a posi loc and I love it! Like robert said I can just disengauge it while making sharp turns or If im just on the street. But off road, Im turnin all 4
ok, i know this is an old thread, but i'd like some feedback on this. i ran across a spool for free for my 44. i'm planning on putting it in and running my homemade posi loc so i can still turn in 4wd and be able to drive in the snow. the only disadvantage i can see is that my front driveshaft will spin all the time, but i don't think that will be a big deal. is this a bad idea for a truck that still gets driven a lot?
spool will suck for turning. a posi-;lock will help some.

running in "3wd" is possible, but it causes a severe pull that I would not be comfortable with in a slippery situation like ice/snow. i'd rather be in 4wd and let off the gas to unlock the ocker in turns
When I do my one ton swap im gonna go with a limited slip in the front. Its best of both worlds IMO :bigthumb:
yeah...i'm just looking for cheap, or in this case free, traction. the only time i'm in 4wd inthe snow is when it's super deep and i'm going slow. pretty much the only time i use 4wd is when the truck stops going in 2wd. i think i'm gonna go for it, and if it sucks, i'll swap my diff back in, or pony up the money for a lsd.
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