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CAD bushing???

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Which one is it??? Is it #15??? It lists an inner and outer bushing. One is $30 and the other is $6. What is the one everybody said goes bad???
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Inner lists for $30 and outer lists for $6. Can't find the part #s for either. :roll:

That diagram is from, in the mechanical section, for a '98 Ram 1500 4x4, front axle.
"15" is both the inner and outer "bushing"...the older axles used a really small bearing as the inner (this bearing keeps the two shafts aligned) and a torrington as the outer (large diameter, with very small rollers that supports the outer section of the inner shaft).

The newer ones (at least my 99) eliminated the small "inner bearing" and it rides directly on the other shaft.

Hmmmm, that diagram is supposed to be for the '98, but maybe it is different. Let's say I pulled the CAD unit off, could I see if there were two bushings that way??? Are they easily changed that way too???
The only way to change them (which I have never done by the way) is by pulling the axleshaft from that might be able to see the outer bearing with the cad out, but the inner one is between the axleshafts themselves...see if I can explain this:

The outer axleshaft has a small machined nipple on it that indexes into a corresponding machined hole of the inner makes the two half run true with each other. Like I said, in my dad's 99 there was no bearing in is simple a machined surface on a machined surface...I'm pretty sure that either my 94 or my 86 had a really small bearing in there.

If you pull the CAD, the outer bearing will be towards the supports the outer portion of the inner shaft at the CAD...

I'm probably gonna check them just for kicks, but now that I think of it, I probably replaced them when I rebuilt the axles (front and rear) about 2yrs ago. I suppose they could still be bad though.
Just FYI, my dad has 225k on his original bearings in his D60F and they are still long as the oil has been kept clean...they usually don't give problems...and the D44/D60 use the same CAD components.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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