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Buying tires/rims-where?

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Went around to the local shops and priced some tires. I want a set of 315/75R16's BFG's AT's. STS gave me a price of 350 bucks per tire plus 18 bucks to mount em and get rid of my old tires. :fu: Another shop "cant find em anywhere" but will track a set down for me on monday. Probably for big bux as well. Well I opened up a mag and called Dessert Rat, they will ship to my door 4 BFG's on Mickey Thompson Classic II's, 16X10 for 15 hundred bucks. Mounted and balanced. SOunds pretty good thus far. WIll these fit on my ride? I'm worried about the 10" rim. I only have 3 inches of lift, and thinking about a 3 inch body lift in the spring. The backspacing problem has me concerned. Then I called National tire and wheel, 850 for 4 tires shipped to my door. Will I have problems mounting the tires on my stock 16X7 rims? I dont know what to do at this point and dont wanna piss my money away. Sorry for the book, just need a little advise.

Thanks. :cool::
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Try Chris at fourwheelcustoms. Great person to deal with, great service too
yea give chris a shout, but as for your questions, i ran a 315/75/16 on a stock wheel for about 2 months. no probs or anything. whats the backspacing on that 16x10 wheel?
lol ill sell them to you for 300 a tire too
if you're gonna get new rims get the 16x8's you'll probably rub with the 10's
On 2005-11-26 15:27, latest project wrote:
if you're gonna get new rims get the 16x8's you'll probably rub with the 10's

If he gets the correct back spacing they wont rub.
With the stock rims you'll probably rub the control arms not to mention that you may get some weird tire wear if the correct tire pressure isnt used.
once again all of this info is found by using the search function.
My 305s rub with a 10 wide wheel when you hit a bump even a slight one at full lock.
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