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Hey everyone... its Chris (OneFastKawi/79W-150). God its been forever since I've been on here and I missed the forum.

Anyways, I just moved to SW oregon and have an incredibly amazing woman that wants me to have my dream toy truck... so I'm looking at building an old stepside chevy truck but have some questions and not getting alot of help from Oregon DMV website, or phone calls so I figured I'd turn here.

What I do know is that vehicles older than 20 years are exempt from emissions in the Medford area (where I live) so that works cause I was looking at a 70-80's truck anyway. But I'm still struggling to find out about bumper/frame/headlight height restrictions, mud flaps?, etc... If I can get around any restrictions or if they'll allow... I see this truck rolling on 44's with enough lift to stuff them in modified wheel wells. Solid axles, double transfer case, etc...

Does anyone know or can point me in the right direction as far as keeping this thing legal? 44's are huge tires and so MPG will suck, but I'm a professional truck driver and won't be driving it hardly at all since I"m always gone but when I'm home I'd love to take my girl with me and go out and play hard :)


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