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Building a shop.................

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Well, since I have a house now, there's about 40' of space on the side that is not being used. I'm thinking of putting a 20x30 shop, but I don't know if it'll be big enough. I think 8' doors would be alright, but would 20' wide be enough for two rollup doors and leave enough space on the side for tools, benches, compressors, etc.? This place has the plans for "novices", like me, but I'm wondering if it would be cheaper to have someone build it. I don't know a whole lot when it comes to pouring concrete, and certainly not 30x30 slabs of it. Does anyone build workshops for a living on here, or have a lot of experience building them? I don't need all the bells and whistles, just 2 rollups and a door.
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you might want to look into those steel buildings listed in the back of magazines or on tv then you'd only need the concrete poured and you and a couple of friends could put it together in a weekend, it would be a lot easier and probably not cost that much
a 20x30 is good for working on a single rig at a time, especially a fullsize one.

my garage is 22' x 22' with a standard 16x7 door. By the time I have my work benches, cabinets, compressor, parts washer, engine hoist and stand, roll-away toolbox, drill press, ladders, tires/wheels (nicely stacked on a furniture dolly btw to roll around) and other small crap a garage collects I am out of most of the workable floor space when the truck or van is parked inside.

however, another 10' of depth you'd have is quite a bit. i suppose i could rip out the office/guest room and laundry room to get another 10'..... it would open it up a lot.
Here's the one I have my eye on:



It'll be a 36x30 with siding and a gable roof. For those of you that don't know (like me), this is a gable roof:


I don't have any idea what this would cost, and since you have to buy their plans before you get the build sheet, I really don't have any way to calculate it. I think it would be really nice to have. The area where the front door is could be used for tables, benches, larger tools i.e. drill press, parts washer. Leaving me lots of room around the vehicles to work and move about. Whatcha think?
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Sounds sort of cheezy, but you can go to Menards and design one out for free. They can print out a bill a materials and everything. Their kits are fairly complete. They even include the plans/insturction book for it if you feel you need it. :bigthumb:

I just helped build my buddies garage and its 24 x 24. It believe is cost about $5k in materials. Thats including everything like the concrete, electrical stuff, drywall, insulation, siding, etc.
The only advice I can give you is go it right the first time so you won't have to add on will cost a little more up front but you can never have too much shop space
If you don;t want to mess with cement then call a company to come lay a pad for you. Cheaper for you to get the forms out though and jsut order cement from a comapny. Main thing is do you need any kind of building permit were you live? DO it yourself any way possible to save and make it as big as you can afford.
i do construction like this on the side. if i were you, i would build your own forms for the concrete and then have someone pour it for you. but, i would build a pole building instead of a stick frame building. they are stronger and usually cheaper. if your truck is lifted, i would go with a 12 foot ceiling and a 10' door. if you want, pm me and give me idea of what you want exactly and i can draw up some plans for you...
PM sent.
Yea, definately build your own forms out, book a concrete truck. If you now someone who is moderately skill in masonry, and can do the finishing part, its easy for a 30x30 slab. I'd look into Future Steel Building from Canada. I live in mid-NY. we purchased a 24x30 by 12' for 2295. And thats everything shipped on a flatbed to my house. Used a manatoe to take everything off and put it in my yard. if you have questions about the concrete or building, ask. I did a three year masonry apprenticeship and work for a masonry block and lumber company.
Dang, 2295 isn't bad. I'm hoping to not spend more than $6k on it. I have a little bit of play money, so I figure spend it on something that will serve a purpose. It seems like there is so many options/ways to do it. I don't know where to start. I guess if I started messing around in a CAD program, I could get a better idea. This might be a dumb question, but can you attach siding to one of these shops? I've got wood on the side of my house and would REALLY like it to match that.
On the future steel building you can. Thats why we went with it. We put yellow siding on it so it matched our house. Pm me your addy and I'll email you photos of it in and out. We rented a lifter and put the thing up in a week. Easy, only catch is there are about 2000+ nuts and bolts. In the long run, it was cheaper to get one of this building. And we ran heat (metal building stay very warm too in this winter in NY) and electric to it easily. The concrete slab will be the hardest part probably, should cost yea like 75-80 bucks a yard out there.
Website is They have a nice 2 door garage on there now.
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