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Bronco transfer case lift???

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hey im looking for some kind of adapter for my transfer case on a 94 bronco. the problem that i have is that the case and the skid plate hang down to low. so if anyone has any ideas or can tell me a site to go to please help
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if you raise the case, your front driveshaft angle will be too big
How is it too low? I am putting a 6 inch skyjacker on the same bronco as yours and i don;t see issues with it. ALso who ever brought up drive shaft you cna add a decant amount of lift to them cause they actually kind of point up when there stock.
well i dont have a lift and all i have is 32" wranglers and i wanted to try and flat belly the truck. dose anyone have any pics or ideas of something like this so i can get an idea of what to do
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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