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Block intalled lift is done (for now)

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got the block in the other day ( Big thanks to Bosco)
took some pics today 7" lift in the front and about 6" in the back on 35's. lmk what ya think.



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Looks like a perfect combo. Nice rig.
looks great, were you having leveling troubles? that why you got a bigger block? i love the exhaust too
well when i bought the 5" skyjacker i only bought the front part. It sat alot lower in the back, so i got the block and it sits pretty level now.
looks real nice man. I like it a lot.

Looks good! :bigthumb:
paint those flares the green color, and lose the headlight covers, and that is a very nice looking truck. i like how it sits. i've got a little more lift front and back, and the same size tires, and i think i like your stance and look better.
i was gonna paint the flares green whei first got them, but the body shop was really high priced so i put them on just to see how they looked and i liked it so i left um, i never have really seen one with green anyways maybe if i do it'l change my mind.
the more i look at it, the more i'm liking it the way it is. maybe the flares match nicely with the rims. someone could probably photoshop those for you so you can see what it would look like. either way, it looks good.
Looks great! I love that truck!
Looks mean, I like the street locks :bigthumb:
thanks for all the comments guys :D:
I wouldnt paint the flairs. With the black rims they look perfect. Truck looks sweet. If they had used that color green in the new trucks id get one. Beautiful color.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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