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bleeding ulcers anyone know bout them

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my dad went to the hospitial last night. yesterday during the day he felt nausas and had to crap alot his crap was black and had blood in it then went to just the runs but it was more blood than crap. it took 4 of use to convince him to go to the hospitial. they ran some test and said today that he had 2 bleeding ulcers. they was abel to remove one but are going to have to remove the other one with meds. but my question has anyone know bout them?
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well what do you want to know bout it? I'm guessing they will have him on Carafate(sucralfate) to help heal the other one. Does he take any meds chronically?
ya, he takes a asprin every day and colestaral and b.p med and somethin for his prostrade
it was probably the aspirin. they say it is good from you and all....:bs:

my buddy from high school was takin aspirin every day when he messed up his back. then he just kept taking it for some reason...and one day at baseball he just went down and could move cuz his stomach hurt so bad.

found out he had a bleeding ulcer from all the aspirin. they were able to get rid of it pretty quick though.

long story short, it is probably the aspirin.
An Aspirin a day is a good thing. Very good for the heart. But people who go this route should take a baby aspirin, not a full strength adult aspirin. The benifits are identical, and the risks greatly lower.
Your father will simply have to take some medication (there are several options, not just carafate, all with similar results and it boils down to the preference of the practitioner) for a period of weeks and then be rechecked to see if the ulcer is healing. They should culture him as well to see if the ulcer was caused by the aspirin or (actually more commonly) by an H. Pylori infection.
He needs to stop all alcohol, and watch his diet.
If the meds don't clear the ulcer, then his GI Dr may suggest endoscopy to try to cauterize it.
I agree DD....i just suggested sucralfate because its most commonly prescribed around here for ulcers....if hes taking baby aspirin a day then thats likely not the culprit and its either his diet or bacteria.
the problem with his situation is like myn grandmas, she has blleding ulcers and heart problems.

if she goes off of her heart meds her ulcers will heal but they think she will die of a heart attack. if she keeps taking them (heart pills) her heart will be fine but she is loosing so much hemoglobin from the ulcers she will die from that.

i think they pretty much told her its a catch 22 at this point.
the doc said that alot of it was the asprin, his blood count was down agin today, looks like friday now hopfully wen hill come home but ther takin it on a day by day basis, he dont drink, i think its been comein though couse hes been workin 12 to 14 hrs 6 to 7 days aweek since last x mas damn phillip morris.
thanks for all the info
Hey Doc guys...

Isn't an ulcer like an open sore? If so how is it "removed"? I can understand the medication aspect and the endoscopy would allow a better look at the ulcer, but how exactly to you excise said lesion?

Thanks for the info!
its just a site of irritation kind of like the ones you get in your mouth sometimes...they just cut that section out and stitch it back together
There are so many drugs out there now that excision of the ulcer is not commonly used anymore. Its more of a last resort when the drugs aren't sufficient enough. I wish him a speedy recovery.
thanx he came home yesterday and was abel to eat turkey dinner with us
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