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Biggest Tire on Factory 05 Ranger?

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I just got an 05 ranger reg cab 4x4.

It has 235/75/15 with a 15x7 rim.

What is the biggest tire I can fit?
I see the FX level II comes with 31x10.50x15.

Do those trucks sit higher from the factory to fit those?

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The FX4 Level II is similar to the ZR2 s-10. They sit alittle higher from the factory.
yeah they sit close to 2 inches higher from what i can tell when my cousin comes over in his he put 32 at;s on his fx-4 and it doesnt rub unless he stuffs the tires pretty well which he hardly wheels so not much of an issue,,My neighbor has a 04 ranger 4by and he just put some 31 inch mastercraft m/ts on it and they seem to be doin ok so far not sure if he rubs them though.
The FX's have "stiffer shocks" than the regular 4x4. Other than that (which I don't see raising the truck any), there aren't any major suspension differences (block height, etc).

Knowing that body-styles haven't changed... my '02 ranger I could fit 31x9.50's (yes, 9.50's), stock. However, a 10.50 (on stock 16" rim) would end up rubbing the rear fenders on full flex (at the peak of the fender, not the front/rear bends like most trucks would).

The front, unless you go like 11.50+ width, you should be fine (on stock rims) - just because there's no flex, and bottoming out on the fenders would only be an issue when fully turned when hitting a big whoop (which will beg pardon to your CV's first).

All that said, I know the p245's will fit (see my profile/rides... since the 245's are stock on the ranger 4x4's (or so I thought), and those are smaller than the 31x10.50, but also never rubbed/touched anything.

If you're not fully flexing out the a$$-end or flying through whoops, up to a 32x10.50 should be fine.
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