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big new problem

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we just got done with an inspection at my parents house. they were having some nasty termite problems so the exterminator suggested we get the house tested for dhmo residue. much to our surprise, the house was covered in it. now we gotta find a place to stay for a month so they can rip up the entire house and treat it. they said that its coming in through the pipes. to help prevent it, they will be doing something with the pipes to keep this from coming in. i didnt get all the details, but it sounds like a bunch of work to be done.

have you any of you guys gotten your houses tested for dhmo? if not, you may want to very soon.

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sucks dude. will foolish let you stay at his pad for a month, or what?
Damn that sucks. Do your parent's live in a wet area? I've heard before that DHMO tends to break out in excessive quantities when water or moisture seeps into normally dry areas of a building. Make sure you check the roof for leaks, or foundation/basement for cracks.

So how much will the repair bill run?
WOW you gotta watch out for that DHMO its dangerious stuff ive even heard that 100 percent of the population has been exposed to large quanties at least at one point in there lives im a plumber and i know the trouble it causes with pipes if it werent for DHMO damage id probably be out of a job
foolish might let me stay. there is a creek by the house that goes underground. maybe its seeping up through the ground? :eyecrazy:
If that's the case you may get by with having some irrigation plumbing pressed into the soil uderneath the house, and have it filled with some sort of porous material (forgot the name). Usually it'll absorb the DHMO enough to prevent future outbreaks.
hello i am own a dodge

dihydrogen monoxide gives me a nice high.
for a couple months more, yes i do. :bigthumb:
On 2005-12-08 13:17, HaWiiLuVeR wrote:
for a couple months more, yes i do. :bigthumb:

Thats what all the serial killers have said. :flipoff:
Damn we better have our basement checked out... we have a problem with flooding down there some times after heavy rains, so its pretty damp down there. Thanks for bringing this up hawii :bigthumb:
I know alot of people who had to do that here in Hawaii, its craazy. when I lived in Kaneohe my neighbor had the same problem. Now i live back on base, since they just built new housing.
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