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best way to cut steel?

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what is the best way all of you fabricators cut steel? sheet steel?

i have got any pair of hand snips you could want, i have got a porta band, i have got 3 grinders and a sawzall, but i still have not found any thing i really like for cutting the steel.

btw i al talking about 14-16 ga. steel.

i was thinking about a set of shears 9 some people call them nibblers) something like a kett p- 540 but they are like 200 bucks.
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plasma cutter
depending on how many cuts you have to make you can try to find a small fabrication shop and see if they have a sheer and see if they can sheer it for you. or see if you can just sheer the metal your self. it is not that hard to do. or you can use the plasma cutter. they are nice.
i have a stomp sheer at work but it is 10 miles from my house and i dont want to have to drive back and forth.

the plasma in nice and i have access to one that will cut up to 1/8 inch but i dont really like to borrow iti dont want to break it and have to buy my boss a new one.
we used nibblers at a shop i used to work at. worked fine for what we neede them for. dont know what brand it was but it was beat up and worked fine.
i cant decide if i want air or elecrtic. electric would probably be more versitile, but i just am not sure what i want.
a stomp sheer is best.... in a hurry a dewalt cutting wheel
the cutting wheels work good but i dont like burning up a 4 dollar wheel on one cut.

anybody know where i could like get a bulk of them, so i could get a little bit better price?
ours was air, never used an elecric one but it seems they would be alittle bulkier.
now when you say nibbler, how does it cut the steel? i have seen the ones that cut the little circles/half moons, and i have seen the ones that are like a set of double cut snips, that cut the 1/4 or so and it curls up like a spring.
it was the one that cuts a strip and coiled it up. cant remember who made it for the life of me.
any body else used a brand that they liked?
I use a pair of nibbler at work made by Milwaukee. They are 1k$ a pair but will cut up to 12ga with no problem.
um..... 1000 is a little to much for me
i have the shears, air and electric.

the electric is ok.
the air one is the pistol grip, dont get that one, the hose gets in the way, get the inline air shears if you are going to get any.

isnt a nibbler something different?
i think nibblers are the ones that cut out the half moon type peices. i think anyway
hammer and chisel :silly:

stomp shears are crazy dude :shock: they are awesome!!!
my father cut 1/2" plate steel with a circular saw.. carbon metal cutting blade.. he said the blade is $80 and he got ALOT of cuts out of it... :bigthumb:
Harbor freight has a big selection of different styles. Just type in "shear" in the keyword search.
the way that i usually cut steel is on the 12' foot shear we have at work. can shear up to 1/4" 316 stainless. anything bigger i have them cut on the laser. That's how they cut my bumper. I gave them the autocad file, they loaded it into the cut list, and away she went. didn't even have to grind anything like i would with the plasma or torch....

but i would recommend getting a small plasma cutter....they are awesome.
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