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Best Exhuast on a new Cummins??

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What do you guys like to run, size and brand? Got the BullyDog on this weekend and getting a little hot. Have any of you used "Flo-Pro", I was looking them and "MagnaFlo". Thanks Chris
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is yours 4 or 5 inch, if you get a new exhaust, i might have a buyer for the old if its in good shape
MBRP makes good stuff, dont forget to address the intake side as well.

I hear the cummins trucks come pretty choked up at the turbo from the factory, maybe a turbo upgrade is in order.
I like no exhaust the best, a strait pipe out of the hood :rotfl:
:withstupid: why not just go triple chargers while your at it too
I think stock is 4-inch, correct me if i'm wrong. Yeah its in perfect shape, truck only got 10,000miles on it. I'm thinking of 5-inch, but not sure what brand, yeah a turbo would be nice, but already have alot of $$$$ in a brand new truck. So, I want a GOOD sound, deep but not "drive you nutz" loud!!
Yeah, stock 04.5+ is 4"...I run a SS summit racing works good. MBPR is also good. Do a web search, ther are a to of them out there...some as low as $250.

i like my MBRP 4" duels. Has just the sound and tone I wanted :bigthumb:
On 2005-11-23 08:45, BLACK RAM CTD wrote:
i like my MBRP 4" duels. Has just the sound and tone I wanted :bigthumb:

:withstupid: Couldn't be happier with it. It's loud but not "too" loud, and sounds mean. Expels exhaust gasses really well too.
Now is there that much differnce from a stright piped stock exhaust of just getting a new 4-inch, B/c there both the same size, i was thinking of 5-inch??
5" straight pipe to 5" stacks if you ask me what sounds the best... :bigthumb:
I would also suggest the MBRP systems. I will be purchasing a MBRP turbo-back exhaust as soon as $$ allows.
I like 5in off the turbo back, in to duel 5in stacks in the bed. i put this setup on my dads cummins and it sounds amazeing.
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