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Bent axle tube on Dana 60 front fixable???

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I got a Dana 60 fromt out of a 2002 Ram 2500. The truck was in a wreck or ran off into a ditch so the short side tube is tweaked back slightly. Its barely noticable if you stand over the top and look at it. Is there any way to fix it or is the housing junk?? One guy told me to grind out the spot welds and press it back forward. I took it to a local machine shop and they said they couldn't do anything for me :x: Is there any hope for fixing it or am i Screwed. ill try to get some pics up in a few days
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some places have a machine that can straighten it.
There is usually no fixing a bent housing, and if it can be fixed it is usually more expensive than finding another axle, about the only thing that could be done is have the pumkin retubed, but that is $$$$. My suggestion is find another axle, That one will give you nothing but problems!
What kind of machine could they use? its not the tube that is bent, looks like it bent where it goes in the center section. Maybe just broke the spot welds that hold it in. Hate to think I wasted $$ ona messed up axle :wall:
holds the axle in a jig and clamps around the axle and slides up it straightening, ive seen them used before on tv.
Wow sounds crazy. Probaly be hard to find somebody with that kind of machine.
take it to a frame shop anything over 1.5" total bend you probably shouldnt fix due to strength factor. i had my yota axle done for 75 bucks.
It can be straightened if not too bad. It sounds as if it's just slight with your's. We've done numerous axles. The most recent was a D60 off an 05 F-350. We have a 50 ton press with a 10' table. It works well. See if you can find someone in your area with a big press for straightening or as said, a frame shop might be able to help you as well.
i took it to the only machine shop here and the guys said strip to the housing and bring it back. Did that and the owner old guy that works there said it wasnt fixable because he didnt think he could get all the caster &camber angles correct. so Ill probaly have to see whats out of town.
i went throught all this this summer with an 02 dodge dana 60 axle too
1. is the tube stright get a stright edge on it and check ?
2. if it is do the gears turn and have correct backlash if they do than it may be fixable if the back lash it gone or way too big then the pumpkin is bent and the axle is junk

my axle had the long tube bent back the tube was straight but the pumpkin was bent shoving the ring gear into the pinion and it was very hard to turn and had no backlash

i guessing that yours has the short tube bent back which would probaly bend the pumpkin to shove the ring gear away from the pinion and open the backlash up

depending on what your using the truck for you could possible just set up the axle the seal is very close to the axle y ou may be able to get away with just using it but it may eat axle seals on that side


if the tube is bent it can be heat straighened if the pupmking is bent then it is junk cause after the pumpkin is cast they do two line bores on it for the berings to sit in and even after you strighten it these would still be out
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