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Well when I bought my truck it had 2 yellow tops in it. They worked great for a couple years. Then I put twins on and one died so I have been runing one for a while. Well its actually starting to get chilly her in az and my single yellow top is either dead or on its way out and my poor truck will not start in the mornings. After everything warms up its fine. Should I go to red tops or stick with the yellow? I really want to run a single one but if need be I can make room for two.

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dont even try to run a diesel with a single battery, get a crappy one from vato zone or advance auto parts, they are like 40 or 50 bucks or less, alot easier on the starter.
In a warmer climate a single battery would be just fine but I don't know that I would run just any battery as a single.

I would suggest an Odyssey 1700 since you are in AZ. For a little cushion an Odyssey 2150 will work great too. I have two fiends here in MI running a single 1700 for a couple winters now with no problems.

I also have a friend running a single red top and it seems to be ok. I don't know that I personally fell that lucky though.
I have never heard of Odyssey. I will have to check those out. They look pricey :D:
They are spendy but a very nice battery. They sell them at Batteries Plus if you have one in area.
either the odyssey or two red tops the reds are a starting battery and the yellow are a deep cycle
We do have a batteries plus, I will have to check it out.

i just go to wally world (wal-mart) and get their biggest cold cranking amp battery that will fit in my battery tray. ive run the for a while and seem to last a pretty good while. and i believe they have a 3 year warranty on them. so if they do go out, go get a new one for free. :bigthumb:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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