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Ball Joints/ prices/ where to get

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I have the front axle on my truck taken apart to for some maintence and 2in daystars. I figured while I'm at it I would replace the balljoints I have 67000 miles. I looked through some past posts and there seemed to be a problem finding lower ball joints other than factory replacements from the dealer. I heard napa has the best prices is this true, what about quailty and warranty. Any info would be great
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we use moog at work, and most of their stuff has lifetime warranty.
just did mine two days ago

got mine from napa they were dana parts

tried geting moog from autozone but they told me they only sold one of the two in moog and the other would have to be trw or duralast(although on their website it says they sell both top and bottom moog)so instead of argueing with dumb people i went and got the dana stuff

130 for upper and lower joints

if u dont have a ball joint press rent it from auto zone its 99 and u get 99 back when u return it

if u rent it from napa its 300 and you get 300 back upon return

i bought a press off ebay and got it in 22 hrs.(ill give u a link if u want it) it was like 85 shipped and came with the adapter kit for the dana 44

u can press out the joints without the kit but the kit makes it go faster(the only part of the adapter kit i used was to put in the top joint did the rest with the reg adapters)

btw the adapter kit u can't rent and is 124 from napa(thats why i bought mine so i get my own press and adapters for less than the adapter kit by itself :D: )

also while u are working on geting the old ones out throw the new ones in the freezer and then heat the ear up and they will go in a little easier

once they are in greese them before puting the axle back in 3 pumps in the top and 2.5-2.75 pumps in the bottom(i tried 3 on the bottom and it was too much for me atleast it started comeing out of the boot)after greasing the bottom remove the zerk and put the supplied plug in(i wanted to leave the zerk in but the u joint will hit it)

good luck
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My ujoint didnt hit the zirc fittings. they are still in
just my good luck i guess :bluecry:
Thanks for the helps guys should be a good project for this weekend
I just picked up all of my stuff for tomorrows project as well. all four upper and lower ball joints, along with new pads and Rotors. I went through our local parts dealer Fred Robers Auto Parts. i got the Ball joints for 72 a piece pads for 35 a set and rotors for 43 a piece. I would have went to napa but the prices were alot higher so i said :cuss: lol

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