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Axle Swap - Emergency Brake ?'s

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I swapped out the 10-bolt on my '96 Chevy for a Dana 60 FF. I disconnected the emergency brake cables from the 10 bolt and they are still attached to the pedal. The 60 cable was cut with about 3-4 feet hooked up to the axle on each side. Can I get some kind of clamp to just hook the cable stogether? If not is it a pain to hook the cables up to a FF?

The 60 is from a 79 Ford so it has drum brakes, of course.
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brakes are so over-rated, I had a similar problem....I just didnt hook them back up :rotfl:
I just left mine disconnected after I did my axle swap. You could do a line lock if you didnt want to mess with the cable.
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